2020 Diplomate Guidelines

American Board of Sleep and Breathing

  • Candidates must submit proof of 50 hours of continuing education in Dental Sleep Medicine within the last 2 years. This year’s Board Review and Annual Meeting can count towards the 50 hours. Proof must be mailed in with application before sitting for the written examination. Candidates, will have one year to complete the Diplomate process.
  • Attend the Diplomate Review
  • Pass 100 question Diplomate written Exam.
  • Pass Scenario-Based Oral Exam.
  • Categories-Basic Sleep Medicine, Oral Appliance Therapy, Polysomnography, Portable Monitors, Surgery, Pediatrics, Complications, CPAP, Imaging.
  • Candidates must sign up to take the Diplomate exam by April 1, 2020. It is mandatory, that candidates attend the board review course given by the ASBA, prior to the written exam. A mock exam will be given at the review course.

The American Board of Sleep and Breathing (ABSB) is an independent board, providing a Diplomate designation to licensed dentists who treat sleep related breathing disorders. The ABSB Diplomate designation does not represent a specialty in dentistry or medicine, nor does it grant or imply any legal qualification. Instead, it recognizes those dentists duly licensed by law in their state, who have met the requirements of the ABSB.

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